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About Us Forever Family is a beacon of hope for children who have experienced the profound loss of a parent due to death or long-term incarceration. Founded in 2021, our organization is dedicated to providing solace, guidance, and a nurturing environment to help these young souls rebuild their lives and find their way through the darkest of times. At Forever Family, we understand the unique challenges faced by children who have lost a parent. Our non-profit is committed to offering comprehensive support, counseling, and resources to empower these children as they navigate grief, cope with trauma, and work toward brighter futures.

About the Founder
Char Thomas, wife and mother of 3 adult children is a dedicated and passionate individual with extensive experience in the field of social services, has left an indelible mark through her remarkable career. With a commendable 15-year tenure in parole and an additional 2 years in child protective services, Char Thomas has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the well-being of individuals and families in need. Beyond her exemplary service in government roles, Char has proven to be a visionary leader by starting the youth sports organization, Texas Impact, which continues to flourish.


Within the words of these brave young hearts lie stories of resilience, strength, and the journey through loss. These testimonials, shared by children who have faced the profound challenge of losing a parent due to death or incarceration, echo both the struggles they've endured and the hope they've discovered. Their voices, though touched by grief, illuminate the remarkable impact of support and guidance, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of understanding, care, and the invaluable aid provided by Forever Family.

"Thanks to Forever Family, my children found hope and healing after the loss of their father. The support and counseling they received made all the difference in their lives. This organization truly understands the needs of grieving children."

"We can't express our gratitude enough to Char from Forever Family. Their mentorship program provided our daughter with a positive role model and guidance during a difficult time. It's amazing to see the positive changes in her."

"Our daughter's life took a positive turn after joining Forever Family's programs. The resources and educational assistance they provided gave her the confidence to pursue her dreams despite the challenges she faced."

"As a single parent facing incarceration, I worried about my child's future. Forever Family not only supported my child emotionally but also helped me reconnect with them during my time away. I'm forever grateful."

"The impact of Forever Family's efforts is immeasurable. Our family was shattered after the loss of my daughter, but they brought us back together through their support for our children. Today, we are stronger and more hopeful."

"Forever Family is God sent during this time of need for my granddaughter."

"I never thought my children could overcome the trauma of their parent's incarceration, but Forever Family showed us that healing is possible. The love and care they provided gave my kids a chance at a brighter future."

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